Purpose-driven organizations are more profitable!

The secret to success

A purpose defines our basic reason for existence, our raison d'être, and the positive impact we make on the world around us. It shapes our strategy, inspires our employees, engages our customers and society at large. It governs our choices and is fully integrated into our culture. To live the organizations purpose should feel authentic, comfortable and honest.

Purpose creates value

1. Commitment:

When the employee finds that his personal purpose is in line with the organization's purpose, a greater sense of commitment is created. The employee is driven by his purpose, experiences pride in working in the organization, and lets the purpose shape and constantly develop the work. Together we are always ready to do the extra that is required to create success!

2. Innovation power:

With a clear purpose, which ultimately focuses on creating benefits for the customer and society at large, an inclusive culture is built.  It is characterized by the ability to develop and think new. The willingness to test, experiment and learn by mistake then contributes  to a greatly increased power of innovation.

3. Decision-making ability

A clear purpose of one inclusive culture creates commitment and trust in the organization. Leadership creates empowerment and the employee dares to to take responsibility and stand up for their decisions. A decentralized decision making process increases flexibility and ability to make quick decisions to be able to meet emerging market needs in new innovative ways.

4. Attractiveness

With an activated purpose, the company becomes clear and easy to relate to, and thus more attractive to both customers and potential employees. Individuals who feel that their personal purpose is in line with the organization's purpose have a greater drive to apply for a job within the organization. The probability that they work for a longer time in the organization also increases.

5. Sustainable growth

In organizations with an activated purpose, employees feel seen and listened to. You know why you go to work and are passionate about contributing to customers' success. Both the organization and the individual can grow and develop skills long-term while the experience is that you contribute to something meaningful.

6. Increased profitability

The organization's purpose creates customer focus, committed employees, an inclusive culture and with that the organization's superpowers come alive. This creates an attractive organization at all levels. Together, this contributes to long-term sustainability and increased profitability.

You become a winner

Activate your purpose, start living by it and reach new heights with your business.  By participating in our program, you get support in developing:

Go From Good To Better

During the program, you will clarify your current situation and understand what works well in the organization.

Your activated purpose helps you to develop a strategy for creating an even better business.

An activated purpose

During the program, you will receive support in activating the organization's purpose. Together with your team, you explore your value creation and impact.

In the work, you involve customers, partners and all employees.

Strategy for success

During the program, you will explore success factors so that you can live your purpose. You will take a closer look at what skills you need to develop and what obstacles exist, as well as design strategies for developing the organization in accordance with your purpose.

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