Purpose Impact -


Purpose Impact Excellence is our most exclusive program that combines digital

elements with one-to-one coaching

from our coaches.

You decide the schedule and start date yourself.

9 steps to become a winner!

The best combination of individual work, personal feedback and to learn together with your team!

In the Excellence program we decide on a timeline and process that suits you. You might want to have workshops online with your team along with the digital program. We tailor the program to suit your needs.

We will guide you step by step, with the help of our proven development process. Along the way, you will develop your ability and insight in collaboration with us.

What is included?

The program is made up of 9 modules, which help you step by step to activate the organization's purpose, develop a strategy for implementation and create lasting change.

Each block consists of well-proven activities comprising:

  • Videos and e-learning to develop your knowledge and prepare you for the tasks.
  • Live webinar with reviews and time for questions
  • Well-described tasks to be performed in the organization  
  • PDFs, templates, guides, presentation materials, etc. to support the homework
  • Reflection questions to support the discussions
  • Discussion forum for sharing and learning with other participants from different organizations and our coaches.
  • Continuous feedback on the homework from our coaches and experts.
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Poll questions to learn from other organizations challenges and successes
  • Quizzes for reporting the homework.
  • Cases and examples from other organizations

3-8 hours per week, at your own pace, completely online.

Price: 18 000 USD plus sales tax

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