Purpose Impact - Digital

Purpose Impact Digital is a completely digital program, where you define your own pace. You get access to the whole program with all its modules at once. Before starting a new mission, you always get new knowledge that gives you a foundation to stand on in the continued work of developing the organization.

Our most cost-effective program!

Develop a strategy to build a purpose-driven

organization in just 12 weeks

What is included?

The program is made up of manageable  blocks, which help you step by step to activate the organization's purpose, develop a strategy for implementation and create lasting change.

Each block consists of well-proven activities comprising:

  • Videos and e-learning to develop your knowledge and prepare you for the tasks ahead.
  • Well-described tasks to be performed in the organization  
  • PDFs, templates, guides, presentation materials, etc. to support the homework
  • Reflection questions to support your discussions
  • Discussion forum for sharing and learning with other participants.
  • Poll questions to learn from others' challenges and successes
  • Case and examples from other organizations

3-8 hours per week, at your own pace, completely online.

Price: 4 500 USD plus sales tax

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