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Purpose-driven organizations are more profitable!

Create focus in your organization

Our programs are based on you learning at the same time as you act!  Step by step you will develop your business. Each step includes work that you do directly in your organization. After completing the program, you have an activated purpose plus a long-term and engaging goal that will really make a difference!  You have also developed a strategy for the continued development of your organization.

9 modules to unleash the potential of your organization

We guide you step by step, through 9 modules with the help of our proven process. During the journey, you will develop your abilities and insights in collaboration with us and other participants in the program.

You can expect the program to take an average of 16-18 weeks to finish and that you need to put in between 3 and 6 hours per week.



Awareness of the importance of an activated

purpose and what positive effects it has

for the organization

Plan to set aside the time needed and create

commitment for the effort required.

Anchor the work with the group that will run

the work internally, and discuss what will be

required of them to succeed with the program.



Together with your team, you create a common

picture of your future situation.  What value do

 you want to create for your employees,

customers and the world around you? Which customers do you want? How do you want to be perceived? From this work, you create a common direction and platform for your further work.

You validate the future image with the rest of the organization and get feedback for improvement.



In this phase, you listen to your employees and

the status of the organization. The aim is to create

a clear and common picture of the current situation.

How do employees view the organization's purpose

in relation to their own purpose? Do your employees

have a clear picture of what value you contribute with? You also focus on your external stakeholders

 to get a clear picture of how they view your organization.

This will form the basis for future steps to create a strategy for implementation.



You will now formulate a first version of your

purpose, i.e. what value the organization will

contribute to its external stakeholders as well as

to the employees.  

You engage the entire organization in the process

 by discussing the draft for purpose, vision, and 

future picture and also your perception of the

current situation. You collect thoughts and

comments in order to further refine your work. 



Develop a culture in your business that supports

your purpose and vision.

To succeed in creating a purpose-driven organization, your values, your culture, are an important piece of the puzzle. Here you review the existing values, do they still feel relevant? If you have no implemented values,

you need to start to work on this.

The purpose, the vision and the values will be the most important pieces of the puzzle for your transformation.



Identify the impact your purpose has on your business, internally and externally.

For the purpose to become active in the organization,

the purpose's impact on values/culture, processes, structures, etc. needs to be elucidated. 

To activate  your purpose and make it come alive,  

we use a custom SWOT analysis.  Your purpose will

help to identify new possibilities but can also create challenges that you need to handle in the organization.



Create a clear strategy for how to activate your

purpose with the help of our Purpose Canvas

Now you have come so far in the process that the purpose needs to have an impact on your

strategies for the business. 

With the help of our custom

Purpose  Canvas, you create a clear strategy

for how the purpose will be brought to life

and implemented in your business. 



Plan for the future and celebrate your success, Visualize the purpose in the entire organization.

Now you have successfully completed all the steps and have a plan for your future business. You have set a strong foundation for creating an attractive and well-functioning organization and workplace.  

Now it's time to continue with the implementation work and fully activate and anchor the purpose in the organization!  



Create a process for how you will ensure the impact of the purpose on your business in a longer perspective

Think about how you can strengthen your

purpose, vision and culture in your business.

Can you find activities and key metrics that

reflect your purpose and values?

What you can measure and follow up will be

made visible and a good start to the company's journey 

to becoming a purpose-driven organization.

Three levels of participation

Purpose Impact


Purpose Impact Digital is a completely

digital program that guides you through

 the process of activating your purpose

and creating a strategy for implementation. You decide the pace yourself.

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Purpose Impact


Purpose Impact Executive is a digital program  where you get group coaching at every step of the process. 

You sign up for a date and follow a predetermined schedule.

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Purpose Impact


Purpose Impact Excellence is our most exclusive program that combines digital elements with one-to-one support from one of our coaches.

You decide the pace and start date yourself.

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