If you are in it for the long run, it will pay off  

 February 2, 2023

By  Helene Ahlberg

Is your personal purpose aligned with your company’s purpose
and are your employees fully onboard and included in the process?

It can be difficult and feel overwhelming. 
I get it.

Maybe you feel that your focus, as a leader, should be on something much more concrete, such as progress, efficiency and numbers.

As a leader you need to not only know your own purpose as well as the company’s purpose, but you also need to create the right circumstances for your employees to do the same. 

But if you’re in it for the long run, setting your company’s purpose and running with it all the way through will pay off.
Also, when it comes to progress, efficiency and numbers.

According to research, and my own personal experience, companies with a strong established purpose are considered more attractive by employees.

My best advice is to make sure your purpose is clear and well-implemented in the whole structure of the organization. Your purpose needs to be a part of your strategy as well as in all processes. It needs to be painted on the walls (metaphorically) and run through your veins (also metaphorically). 
It needs to be the center of attention.

When you have put the company’s purpose in the center you have taken a big step towards creating a work environment and culture to be proud of; a place that employees not only want to be associated with but also loyal to.

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Helene Ahlberg

I Support CEOs to Build Resilient and Purpose-driven Organizations | Teal Expert & Founder of Teal for Teal

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