2. People and Culture 

 February 2, 2023

By  Helene Ahlberg

Let’s talk about the 2nd P.

This week I go trough the 5Ps which is a framework on how to embed the purpose in organizations.

The second P stands for People and Culture. Purpose always begins with human beings and a feeling of fulfilment (purpose) is becoming more and more important for these human beings.

Start early.
Begin in the hiring process to make sure that the one ending up getting the job also shares the values that support the company’s purpose.

Also, remember that your people have a tremendous power. 
Employees are usually the single greatest force when it comes to “call bullshit” on companies not being true in their claims of meaning and purpose. Add to that, research shows that employees at purpose-driven companies are four times more engaged at work. 

Can you even afford NOT embedding your purpose in the organization?

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Helene Ahlberg

I Support CEOs to Build Resilient and Purpose-driven Organizations | Teal Expert & Founder of Teal for Teal

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