Purpose Impact-

Go From Why To How

Take A Leap For Sustainable Success

Develop resilient and progressive organizations

Research shows that organizations that have a clear and activated purpose are more successful!

The purpose is directly related to the organization's strategy and contributes to higher engagement,  increased profitability and sustainable growth.

An organization equipped for the future

By participating in our program Purpose Impact you are supported in formulating a living vision and an activated purpose as well as a clear strategy for creating commitment and participation throughout the organization.

With the program, you get well-proven methods and tools that guide you through the process. Our coaches support you throughout the journey and you choose if you want to collaborate with other participating organizations during the program.

Our programs

Purpose Impact


This is a completely digital program

that guides you through the process

 of developing a purpose-driven organization.

You decide the pace yourself.

Purpose Impact


Executive is a digital program where

you get individual feedback at

every step of the process.

You sign up for a date and follow

a predetermined schedule.

Purpose Impact


Excellence is our most exclusive  program that combine digital

elements with on-site support

from our coaches.

You decide the schedule and

start date.

Are you ready to take your organization to new heights?

With Purpose Impact you get the tools and support you need to start the journey by activating the organization's purpose and vision, and from there create a clear strategy for long-term success.

You will challenge how you run the business today and eventually achieve seemingly impossible goals. 

What you can expect




With a clear purpose,

you can create that extra needed to 

create success 

for your organization

A clear purpose creates a strong sense of the organization's raison d'être, which in turn increases the willingness to contribute and take responsibility.

A clear purpose creates

 higher innovation power

with a strong focus

on creating more value

for your customers

We focus on you as a leader!

With Purpose Impact we support you who are a leader and who want to develop your organization and create conditions for a sustainable, profitable and  successful growth.